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The City that Never Was Logs
How do we know she is a witch? 
8th-Sep-2009 09:48 am
Who: Xemnas, Namine, Vexen (NPC)
Where: Vexen's Laboratory
When: Afternoon
Summary: Xemnas stops in to visit Vexen while he tests Namine.
Warnings: PG-13 for mature themes
Status: In progress

This was the second time in a day that Xemnas was paying a visit to Vexen's laboratory. This time it was under the pretense of checking in on the young girl they had found within Castle Oblivion. Once, they had determined that like Nobodies this girl was special, it would just take a matter of time before they learned just exactly what she was capable of.

Xemnas was rather amazed to find that Namine, unlike Roxas was being treated in a much more civil manner. He expected after his harsh words over Roxas earlier that Vexen knew better than to harm either of the newcomers. The young girl was seated in a chair and hooked up to various machines that were recording data, pictures, and videos.

Vexen seemed to be on the look out this time for Xemnas, and when he heard the Superior's footsteps he immediately turned his attention towards the shadowed entrance of his lab and bowed.  When he spoke it was rushed, as if Xemnas's presence was a bother. "Everything is in order here, Superior. The girl's memories are being recorded and analyzed as we speak."

Xemnas turned to give the girl a silent gaze, before his attention was turned to one of the larger monitors. It was displaying a very vivid scene of images, but none of them seemed to be an understandable order. They were jumbled and vastly different from the last, he frowned ... obviously displeased with the results.

"Memories come as they are remembered. Once the machine has time to process them, they will be placed in the proper sequence. It will all make sense in time." Vexen offered a quick explanation as he looked upward at the Superior and then back to the girl. When he looked back again he moved quickly to put himself between the two. As if he was trying to hide something he was doing.

Xemnas simply side stepped Vexen as he tried to come closer, and moved towards Namine. When he looked down over her tiny figure, he could only come up with theories. She was another puzzle piece, but how did she fit in? "You're name is Namine?" In truth, this would be their first meeting. Xemnas had been busy dealing with the others and Roxas over the past few days. He had left Namine's care to Saix and the other Nobodies. He had chosen this day to meet the young girl himself.
9th-Sep-2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Like all of them, he was intimidating, like everything, she didn't know how she knew that. She did not understand how she knew some things, but did not comprehend others. Namine could only allow her hands to curl into fists in her lap as she became increasingly nervous.

She had met the one with blue hair, the man named Saix. He ... Had not provided the best company in the world. He was cold and she always wanted to hide from him. This one, the 'Superior'? He did not seem much better. But at the very least, he did not look at her as if she was nothing.

"Y-Yes ..."

She managed to look up at him for just a couple seconds, but quickly returned her eyes to her hands. She could not take such a strong gaze, something about it was just too overwhelming.
9th-Sep-2009 01:59 am (UTC)
An angry look crossed Vexen's face as the Superior took it upon himself to interfere with his experimentation time. Xemnas chose to ignore the look, at least for now. Vexen was skating on dangerous ice, the only reason he got away with his attitude half the time was due to his ability to produce results. His experiments were not always kind, but in the end Vexen always came through with results. It was because of his advancements that they were able to live in luxury and obtain more power.

"The place where we found you, can you tell me more about it?" Xemnas did his best to speak slowly and in a calm manner. It was obvious the young girl was afraid and probably nearly as confused as they are. Xemnas cared little about the girl, until he knew she was more useful she was just something else to learn about. However, he was very good as masking his ulterior motives. He even went so far as to offer her what appeared to be a smile.

A smile that Vexen cringe and turn away completely. He returned to his machines and begun to tweak them for better results.
10th-Sep-2009 01:04 am (UTC)
Namine couldn't be sure she could trust him, he was at least making an effort to be kinder than the others and the scientist one did not seem to approve of him either.

"The castle?" She thinks, trying to remember anything about it that they would not already know. She shakes her head, biting her lip nervously and inching away slightly, "I - I don't. I just woke up there and it's ... Strange."

She could not explain how she knew it was different from any castle from a storybook, but ... She knew. It wasn't normal. It had a purpose.
16th-Sep-2009 12:26 am (UTC)
"Yes, the Castle." Xemnas repeated shortly after Namine questioned his question. Strange was indeed a word for it and her. Xemnas's arms lifted to cross at his chest as he pondered silently.

When his golden eyes finally moved away, they returned to the large image screen as it displayed various imagines and scenes from Namine's memories. They still made little sense and some with people seemed blurred. Xemnas lifted a hand toward the screen, "These memories of yours, do you know these places? These people? It is very important that you tell us anything you know, Namine."
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