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The City that Never Was Logs
Who: Vexen and Marluxia Where: The Gray Area, The Castle That Never… 
12th-Oct-2009 08:05 pm
Strike a pose!
Who: Vexen and Marluxia
Where: The Gray Area, The Castle That Never Was
When: Evening
Summary: And so were planted the seeds to a ruinous downfall.
Warnings: PG; subject to change
Status: In progress

The eternal darkness pressing against the cold windows seemed both ephemeral and tangible, as if it were pressing up against the glass as surely as he could on the opposite side.
Not that Marluxia would do something so crass as to rub his hands across the glass. Really, that was more something a mouth-breather like Demyx would do.
So without touching, he looked out at the darkness. Sure, one could say that there was nothing there, and that he was only staring vaingloriously at his own reflection, but they would be wrong and shallow. He stared past the reflection of his own sharp eyes, out into the abyss. It had been said somewhere that when you stared at the abyss, the abyss had this way of staring back at you. It seemed no different in the Assassin's own reckoning. It was a metaphorical mirror to his being. Empty and nebulous, yet possessing, commanding a solid presence.
It was food for thought certainly, he mused, flipping his hair carelessly away from his cheek.
12th-Oct-2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Oh, this was rich. This was too perfect.
Vexen had actually been seeking out Marluxia for intelligent conversation. Intrigued by the mysterious castle properties Eleven had demonstrated in the status report meeting, Vexen intended to discover the rock's precise origins and what method of thought was required to manipulate it, so that he could perform experimentation himself. He wasn't about to rely on one simple flowery metamorphosis to prove that their minds could control the castle; actual science would be required in this instance. If it were true, it could provide the greatest breakthrough in their knowledge of the castle, and Vexen intended to glean as much information as he could from the Assassin.
But now that he saw what Marluxia was doing, Vexen was beginning to question the possibility of rational discourse. The man appeared to have spent several minutes simply staring at his reflection. Not contemplatively into space, but into his own eyes, as though he expected to see something other than emptiness in them. What in darkness was he doing? Admiring his own beauty? Making sure every strand of his flamboyant hair was perfectly in place? What else could he be doing?
There was, of course, the question of why he would do such a thing. As though there was anything to attract here. As though any of them were able to feel affection. No, he had to be operating on some principle that made his own beauty fulfilling to himself, his own vanity filling some void left by emotion. What a pursuit to which to devote one's life. Vexen didn't even have to ask the man about his experiences at the castle, come to think of it. In all likelihood, all that had happened was the following thought process: "Wouldn't it be fabulous if this rock was a FLOWER? Oh, look, it is a flower now! Wow, I think I did that!" To think he had once thought Eleven had been plotting something...
Of course, Vexen never intended to share these thoughts with anyone, least of all Marluxia himself. He had intended to walk away silently, savoring his own conclusions, and conducting his experiments in peace without the interference of flighty neophytes. But somehow, the irony of the situation was so striking that even the barest memories of what humor was were triggered, and unconsciously, Vexen snickered. Alerting Marluxia to his presence. Well, that would take explaining.
12th-Oct-2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
Marluxia had known Vexen was there, of course. Had known the entire time. It was only the snicker that caused him to actually regard the other Nobody, glancing over his shoulder idly. It seemed that his mirth had been directed at him as opposed to his normal range of subjects; his inscrutable tests that which he never shared with the others, or whatever else. Marluxia rarely listened in on his ramblings.
"Can I help you, IV?" He asked languidly, still not deigning to turn around.
If he wasn't going to announce himself properly, he wasn't going to offer him the same courtesy in kind.
14th-Oct-2009 02:57 pm (UTC)
On the plus side, Marluxia had not whirled around in anger, or drawn his scythe, or rained petals ominously, or anything of the sort. On the downside, Vexen could not see the other man's face, so he did not know whether he had aroused suspicion or just mild interest. Vexen supposed he could discount suspicion, considering how occupied Marluxia still seemed with himself, and how (somewhat shamefully) commonplace Vexen's spontaneous gigglings were. So in theory, nothing bad should happen were he to continue with his original plans of civil conversation. That is, as best he could with a man who was still absorbed in his own reflection.
"Oh, I was just wondering about what you had seen in Castle Oblivion. The properties of the rock you demonstrated in yesterday's meeting were quite fascinating." That was almost a compliment. It would make up for a few sniggers.
And yet Marluxia didn't turn around. Even after a completely valid excuse for conversation. Either Vexen was being viciously snubbed, or Marluxia had reached the ultimate depths of self-absorbtion. In any case, the cynicism scrabbling to escape in Vexen's words now had an excuse. "What on earth are you looking at?" he asked.
14th-Oct-2009 10:46 pm (UTC)

Vexen, deign leave his fantasy world of inane ramblings to come talk to him?
If he had a heart, he'd have been honored. Really, he would have been.
After an airy sigh, he half turned. "I trust you are familiar with the expression 'when one stares at the abyss, the abyss stares back?' I was merely contemplating how this phrase relates to our condition. Certainly this is something you have considered, have you not?"
He felt particularly generous today, given his meeting with the Superior from previous. He was willing to give the old crank a chance.
Since he asked so nicely.
"Really. You found the rock worthy of your interest? I would have thought such ephemeral things beneath you."
17th-Oct-2009 09:34 pm (UTC)
Vexen was pretty sure his sense of superiority had not been shaken. While he really hadn't expected Marluxia to quote Nietzsche (or even have heard of the man), it wasn't all that shocking a train of thought. True, philosophizing did take a bit more brainpower than Vexen had assumed Eleven was willing to invest, but with so little to occupy the idle mind in a world such as this, even the simplest would take to pondering existence. (Besides, it was most likely that Marluxia hadn't actually read Jenseits von Gut und Böse, having not precisely quoted it; he must have heard the commonly-referenced concept at the beauty parlor or something. And there was always the chance it was a hastily formed excuse for actual narcissistic gazing.)
So he still managed to smile as he spoke. "Oh, I don't consider it ephemeral at all. It's a solid rock, it it not? The castle still stands?" Vexen had to admit, he took too much pseudo-glee in poking at Marluxia's word choice. It did give him a delightful hint of an edge over the other man. "No, as a scientist, I'm quite fascinated by the stone's properties. I've never seen any phenomena quite like it, and intend to research it to the fullest. Would you by any chance be willing to part with the sample you procured?"
18th-Oct-2009 01:12 am (UTC)
Marluxia canted his head with feigned sincerity. "I left the sample with the superior, regretfully. You would have to obtain a sample for yourself."
Finally turning about to face Vexen to have a proper conversation, he flipped a particularly bothersome tuft of hair away from his eye, brushing the rest of his hair on that side over his shoulder. "The Castle does stand, by the way. It might only stand because of the pressures of will that are being imparted upon it."
His eyes glittered dangerously, as if waiting for Vexen to pounce upon his statement. "I do wonder if it's morphic properties are altered by the area in which it occupies, though that may be beyond our abilities to properly test."
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