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The City that Never Was Logs
mine, boys, mine ev'ry mountain. 
26th-Sep-2009 10:43 pm
Who: Xaldin & Roxas
Where: Castle that Never Was → Tenakomakah
When: Morning → Evening
Summary: "Roxas should be ready soon to help us cultivate our efforts."
Warnings: PG-13
Status: In progress

Hn, where was the boy?

Xaldin was patient, arms folded behind him as he awaited for XIII -- Roxas, yes, that was his new name (and not simply 'nothing' as their pseudo-existence was). Unlike certain, electric members of the group, the lancer had the patience of, practically, a saint (don't be mistaken, though, if one had to compare it with Lexaeus' -- III snaps). The thing was, boys, is that he was far from being a man blessed by god.

Some would mistake Xaldin for a demon, after all. A demon with six spears for sharp teeth.

There was no portal open. Not yet, anyway. It was polite to keep the door closed until everyone was ready to leave; it was courteous, albeit the lancer only ever is when he isn't in battle. Besides, Roxas gave respect.

(No, Axel, you're not coming.)

"I thought he'd be quicker on his feet." he told himself, waiting on the platform that he made sure the boy would go to.
29th-Sep-2009 06:43 am (UTC)
Roxas huffed his way to the designated the meeting platform. He was still learning to master the portals of the betwixt and between. The concept was easy, but fixing his destination point was another issue all together. Roxas had tried three times before he got anywhere close. He decided trying again would only make him more late and he figured he was in trouble enough.

Roxas came to a halt in front of Xaldin and said nothing as he tried to catch his breath. From meetings he knew Xaldin to be a busy member of the Organization. He was always out on different worlds. Roxas still wasn't sure what it was the Organization did on those worlds, but Axel had hinted that they dealt with heartless similar to what he had seen in the city over the last few days.

This was his chance to see other places and be of use. Xemnas had already hinted that he had the powers to help. Sitting around the castle was starting to wear him thin, and when he was offered the chance to head off world he jumped at the chance.

With one final deep breath Roxas stood up straight and nodded that he was ready to set off.
12th-Oct-2009 01:30 pm (UTC)
Good lad. He arrived.

Arms still folded behind his back as if nothing was out of place, Xaldin didn't speak. Not yet, anyway. He looked over Roxas for a moment, as if analyzing -- as much as he wasn't working in the laboratory anymore, III still had scientific curiosity about most things. Did their very own keybearer have enough sleep, enough power? Because this mission was like every other intel mission: Be nimble, quick, and make sure to blow out the fire of the candle stick.

There were a few Emblem Heartless' to deal with, of course, which is something that Roxas best be good at. He shouldn't be useless, after all. That would be an immediate no in the lancer's view. Efficiency is a must. Don't disappoint the Whirlwind Lancer, please. They were only going to scout, and a few killings are to be done.

"Come." was all he stated as he entered the corridor. Details? When XIII is curious, he'll speak. Just the important details, of course. What's relevant to the mission at hand.

When they would reach the other side, Xaldin and Roxas would find themselves in a dark forest -- not the frightening, leaves-chipping-off dying trees, musky atmosphere kind of forest. It was still alive, filled with green. The moon was full.

Welcome to Virginia.
14th-Oct-2009 05:16 am (UTC)
Roxas always enjoyed going on missions where it wasn't required to talk. He couldn't count anymore the number of times someone called him a zombie, or made a comment about his lack of speech. Sometimes he just didn't have anything to say, was that really such a bad thing?

He followed Xaldin through the portal and blinked at the sudden lack of light. As his eyes adjusted he could note the vivid green leaves that hung above his head and went on forever. He had been in forests before, but not like this. His lips parted slightly as he took in the new world and begun to search for clues that would tell him more about this world. Gathering information was always the first step in an investigation.

"Smoke?" Roxas said curiously as he twisted towards the east. He couldn't quite be sure, but the smell reminded Roxas of fire. It seemed to not belong in their current surroundings, and he looked towards Xaldin for clarification.
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