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The City that Never Was Logs
Who: Vexen and Marluxia Where: The Gray Area, The Castle That Never… 
12th-Oct-2009 08:05 pm
Strike a pose!
Who: Vexen and Marluxia
Where: The Gray Area, The Castle That Never Was
When: Evening
Summary: And so were planted the seeds to a ruinous downfall.
Warnings: PG; subject to change
Status: In progress

The eternal darkness pressing against the cold windows seemed both ephemeral and tangible, as if it were pressing up against the glass as surely as he could on the opposite side.
Not that Marluxia would do something so crass as to rub his hands across the glass. Really, that was more something a mouth-breather like Demyx would do.
So without touching, he looked out at the darkness. Sure, one could say that there was nothing there, and that he was only staring vaingloriously at his own reflection, but they would be wrong and shallow. He stared past the reflection of his own sharp eyes, out into the abyss. It had been said somewhere that when you stared at the abyss, the abyss had this way of staring back at you. It seemed no different in the Assassin's own reckoning. It was a metaphorical mirror to his being. Empty and nebulous, yet possessing, commanding a solid presence.
It was food for thought certainly, he mused, flipping his hair carelessly away from his cheek.
18th-Oct-2009 05:12 am (UTC)
Marluxia canted his head with feigned sincerity. "I left the sample with the superior, regretfully. You would have to obtain a sample for yourself."
Finally turning about to face Vexen to have a proper conversation, he flipped a particularly bothersome tuft of hair away from his eye, brushing the rest of his hair on that side over his shoulder. "The Castle does stand, by the way. It might only stand because of the pressures of will that are being imparted upon it."
His eyes glittered dangerously, as if waiting for Vexen to pounce upon his statement. "I do wonder if it's morphic properties are altered by the area in which it occupies, though that may be beyond our abilities to properly test."
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